Monetize Your Blog In WordPress With Google Adsense

Buy adsense account which is completely free and also very easy to create. If you have a blog in WordPress or a website which is very popular and you want to obtain some kind of monetary income through the same you have arrived at the indicated site.

I will give you the necessary tips to earn income with your site, although there are multiple alternatives for this purpose; This time I will talk exclusively about Google AdSense  .

AdSense is a simple and free method for any website publisher to earn revenue by posting targeted Google ads on their websites.

Through this service of Google it is possible to insert advertising directed to the profiles that visit our web so that its clicks become economic results that allow to support the page and something more, At the end of the limit you put it.

If you are a webmaster in wordpress you should be clear that most of the features that this offers are made through plugins, in fact this is not to say that the plugins facilitate the work of the developers .

Before adding this tool to our site I clarify some very important things that we must take into account:

  1. The plugin is designed so your WordPress application can manage sites hosted outside, not sites hosted on . At this time, does not support this plugin on the sites it hosts .
  2. Before you begin, first delete any AdSense ad placements you’ve set up without the AdSense for WordPress plugin . (This is if I already put one or another ad adsense Google adsense script in your wordpress code, if so, you should delete it for optimum performance of the plugins that we are going to install).

Clarifying this proceed to install the plugins:

We look for in the Dashboard the option Plugins / to add new, we hide in the search engine Google adsense and we look for.

It will look something like this:

Then proceed to activate the plugin. After the plugins is active you will be asked to enter with your Google Adsense account if you do not have one buy adsense account and create your own account, once you enter it will appear the administration panel which is easy to use and you can choose the location of your ads righ now; The best thing of all is that this plugin checks the structure of your site and in a graphical interface it points out the suitable places where you can place the advertising banners.

It is also important to note that Google has some policies, ie some rules that you must be very clear, it would be good to read a little about these rules and also to clarify the detail of how the income is generated.

Later in another tutorial I will be talking about how to efficiently manage this tool and the detail of income and payments. Any questions can leave your comments.

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